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*the simplified four freedoms:* (based on the free software definition) 0. the freedom to *use* the software 1. the freedom to *study* the software 2. the freedom to *share* the software 3. the freedom to *change* the software why [[learn-how-to-code]]? whether you use computers for work or just own a car or mobile phone, having a society thats permeated with computers means we will need to make informed personal and political decisions regarding our data, privacy, and freedom to manage our own devices. using variables is like asking someone for a phone number; using a loop is just like telling someone to repeat a task five times; and a function call is so simple that youll honestly wonder what it could possible do, until it proves useful. we can make these concepts easy enough for anyone, but when we do we create a society that better understands the tools that surround us. how we can we offer [[more-freedom]] to fans of "open source?" once we have a slightly better understanding of the technology we use, it is up to us to decide how to apply that knowledge. computers are increasingly designed to decide what we are able to do, though we can customise and add features until that feature is removed or discontinued or breaks. using free software means you have a greater amount of say as to what youre devices can do. instead of having a vendor decide what your choices are-- like a genie granting three wishes but only ones found on a menu, freedom lets you wish for more wishes and even come up with new choices. other pages: [[python-with-braces]] [[Sitemap-for-older-pages]]

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