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[lit] A code atlas is a categorical index of things that code can do. It is designed to help a non-coder assist the design of a programming language. An atlas based primarily on the [[Fig-programming-language]] is offered on this page. [lit]








basic math:







a function in python or many other languages is a section of code which is like a miniature program. defining a function is like making your own command.

functions are normally defined with a name, an optional list of parameters (or important details) and the code that follows the line that names them. functions can be nameless, i.e. lambdas.

the bottom line of a function is usually marked with a brace, or keyword or change in indentation. a function without a return value is called a “sub.”


functions are one of the more difficult concepts for beginners, but one of the most useful and powerful things about programming (unless you are using objects. a function within an object is usually called a “method.”)

the above commands regard defining functions, but since most commands can also be called functions (especially if they have input parameters and return values) the following commands are also worth considering:


the possibilities for commands to add are practically limitless, but you can build a language to keep yourself busy for years out of the above command concepts. the above lists practically every feature of the entire fig language, so there are quite a lot of programs you create out of those features.

you may find there are entire categories of features you dont care about including in your language at all. the above lists include:

- 10 commands related to strings or text on the screen
- 9 math or numeric conversion commands
- 9 condition-related commands
- 6 graphics-related commands
- 6 commands for defining functions
- 5 commands for loops
- 5 commands for dealing with variables
- 4 related to files online or local files
- 4 related to arrays
- 3 related to the os
- 3 related to the time
- 2 for importing or marking inline code
- 1 for the keyboard /stdin

thats almost 70 types of commands; any of those that arent important enough to use right away, you could skip adding to your first language.

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