In-page wiki

some pages on this website now have an in-page wiki. here are some of the features: instead of <br> tags, just use ordinary newlines like this... for code, indent by 4 spaces: #!/usr/bin/env python # coding: utf-8 #### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain) #### proginf = "fig 4.4, jul 2017 mn" *bold text* has an asterisk on either side /italics/ have a slash on either side to link to an external url, [url]http://use-url-tags[url] to include an image, [img]http://use-img-tags[img] to link to In-page-wiki.html use wiki brackets: [[In-page-wiki]] *to put the wiki on one of your pages:* 1. right-click on this page and "view page source" 2. copy the code from this line: <span id = "wiki"> to these lines: (include these lines!) wiki.innerHTML=c; --></script> 3. edit the text between the <span> tags

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