Sharing easylangs

sharing an easylang is probably going to be easy, because it is (or ought to be) common for easylangs: • not to be too complicated • not to have too many files (not a strict requirement) • to be under a "free"+libre+open source license, or be in the public domain, so that it is legal to modify and share with others of these, the license matter is the most obvious and most important. for something to be easy to share, it should be legal to share-- it should come with permission: a license or public domain dedication. [url][url] note that "free" refers to freedom. while you are free to make copies and distribute them, you are also free to sell copies-- for example, you can put the software on a computer, and sell that; or on a usb drive, and sell that. or, you could sell a giant collection of software on dvd, and include that program. this article was originally typed on a gnu[lit]/[lit]linux machine, which has an operating system with a huge amount of software. osdisc is one company that you can buy one or more copies of several popular gnu[lit]/[lit]linux distros, if you dont want to download or make all of those yourself-- that wouldnt be possible without the license.

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