The history of fig

you can also download a source code history of fig 0.4 (the original) to 4.5 here: [lit][lit] originally "fig basic," fig grew out of an experiment in speech-driven computer programming. the experimental language was called "nudity," and contained only keywords and phrases designed to be given to a computer verbally. most of the commands issued in star trek for example, could be given and interpreted as search queries-- like typing into google. nudity was based on the idea of a 3gl programming language that was simple enough to program aloud: loops, conditionals, setting variables, etc. with an actual speech-recognition engine (an increasingly available and trivial addition, even in a free/floss context) it may have held author interest; but the spin-off of nudity inspired by basic and python was more rewarding to tinker with. the logo for nudity-- a public domain fig leaf from bob seguin-- became the logo for the spin-off. fig began in late january / early february 2015, and has developed gradually and incrementally since then. in 2016 fig development was less about the language, and involved more with various approaches to documentation. a book in .pdf format is available from the /usr/share/doc/fig path (try this command: *find* /usr/share/doc/fig) along with a few simpler introductions, including example code.

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