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[lit] fig is a multi-purpose educational language-- originally designed to offer 16 colours in the term window or vt, with a compatible 16-colour palette in a graphics window. [img][img] [fig] #### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain) #### function circle x y r c cd 0 cb 0 while x 55 y 20 r 15 cr r int plus 1 p 3.14159 try rcpr 1 divby r divby 4 times 2 except rcpr .005 resume while now cd minus .27 swap now cd c cd int ifequal cb c pass else now display cb c #sleep .01 fig ifless cd 1 cd 15 fig now p minus rcpr swap now p ifless p -3.14159 break fig crm cr minus 10 for crc crm cr 3 cosx p cos times crc times 2 plus x int siny p sin times crc plus y int #now line x y cosx siny c now pset cosx siny c now pset x y 2 now cosx plus 1 pset now siny c next #now cosx plus 1 line x y now siny c wend wend fig now circle 10 10 5 14
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