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[lit] fig is a multi-purpose educational language-- originally designed to offer 16 colours in the term window or vt, with a compatible 16-colour palette in a graphics window. [img][img] [fig] #### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain) #### textmode function cubes x y sc "88888888888889999" arr sc plus "88000000000008999" sc plus "80800000000000899" sc plus "80080000000000089" sc plus "80008888888888888" sc plus "80008000000000008" sc plus "80008000000000008" sc plus "80008000000000008" sc plus "98008000000000008" sc plus "99808000000000008" sc plus "99988000000000008" sc plus "99998888888888888" yc y rc randint 1 7 forin lines sc xc x forin chars lines now chars int swap now chars ifless chars 9 ifmore xc -1 ifmore yc -1 ifless xc 80 ifless yc 24 col chars int plus rc now pset xc yc col fig fig fig fig fig now xc plus 1 swap now xc next now yc plus 1 swap now yc next fig function abs x ifless x 0 now x times -1 return now else now return x fig fig try while x randint -5 79 y randint -5 20 co randint 9 14 rs randint 5 8 ys randint 5 8 for yp -10 5 ys for x -2 80 rs yt x divby 2 tan times 4 y x sin times yt plus yp int minus 2 times 1.2 int xt x sin times 20 abs xt times 4 int now cubes x y now sleep .075 now locate 28 1 "" print #print next now sleep .075 next wend except pass resume
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