all fig versions (plus example programs)

fig 4.6 is the latest version [lit][lit] [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] | [lit][lit] [lit][lit] example fig programs: graphics [[best.fig]] | [[cb.fig]] | [[cd.fig]] | [[circl.fig]] | [[circle.fig]] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [[cirs.fig]] | [[doubl.fig]] | [[figsp.fig]] | [[figsph.fig]] | [[floral.fig]] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [[fun.fig]] | [[gemseven.fig]] | [[gfx.fig]] | [[rgb.fig]] | [[sines.fig]] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [[sp.fig]] | [[vsine.fig]] [img][img] [img][img] example fig programs: simple, introductory code [[1616.fig]] | [[abs.fig]] | [[area.fig]] | [[arr.fig]] | [[az.fig]] [[back.fig]] | [[center.fig]] | [[cheese.fig]] | [[cls.fig]] | [[cmd.fig]] [[colors.fig]] | [[dt.fig]] | [[efig2.fig]] | [[efp.fig]] | [[fco.fig]] [[ffile.fig]] | [[fig-call-python-tranlation-of-fig-function.fig]] | [[figcolor.fig]] | [[figd.fig]] | [[filewords.fig]] [[fishsyntax.fig]] | [[fl.fig]] | | [[for.fig]] | [[forloop.fig]] | [[funcn.fig]] [[funcname.fig]] | [[ge.fig]] | [[ghw.fig]] | [[h.fig]] | [[heh.fig]] [[hello.fig]] | [[hff.fig]] | [[hmm.fig]] | [[ifless.fig]] | [[inc.fig]] [[inline.fig]] | | [[int.fig]] | [[lists.fig]] | [[locate11.fig]] | [[lr.fig]] [[lua.fig]] | [[makeint.fig]] | [[math.fig]] | [[meh.fig]] | [[mn.fig]] [[nestloops.fig]] | [[now.fig]] | [[pink.fig]] | [[pset.fig]] | [[rcol.fig]] [[rev.fig]] | [[root.fig]] | [[st.fig]] | [[topwr.fig]] | [[uf.fig]] [[v.fig]] | [[valid.fig]] [[wc.fig]] example fig programs: command line tools [[arrdo.fig]] similar to xargs, prefix each line of stdin with input text and run in the shell [[arrlen.fig]] prefix each line of stdin with its length [[arrname.fig]] for find output, arrname 1 returns path, arrname 2 returns basename, arrname 3 returns extension [[dircmp.fig]] similar to diff, display items not common in subfolder listings or text files [[egrepv.fig]] not very much like egrep, remove lines from stdin that match input lines exactly [[figcmp.fig]] prefix [[../alex]] --fsortplus output with "ingredients list" of fig code for each line [[findsim.fig]] takes ages to run, compares file contents for similarity (now an [[../alex]] feature) [[foldermap.fig]] | [[foldermap02.fig]] not displayed properly by wiki. produces html of filesystem [[installcolorama.fig]] install colorama for windows users with python in c:\python27 [[nodup.fig]] only display lines of stdin that do not contain previous lines-- "hi", "hip" filters out "hip" [[showtwo.fig]] display two files side-by-side, with first file limited to specified width example fig programs: text-based silliness [[asciimint.fig]] | [[bestwithpygameinstalled.fig]] | [[cf.fig]] | [[cubes.fig]] | [[fltext.fig]] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [img][img] [[hl.fig]] | [[kite.fig]] | [[kite2.fig]] | [[lovely.fig]] | [[modtext.fig]] [[prs2.fig]] | [[sincos.fig]] | [[snowflake.fig]] | [[textcirc.fig]] | [[wheel.fig]] example fig programs: other [[f.fig]] creates a diagram from lines of text [[fac.fig]] creates a round clock face that is easier to learn to read than standard [[map.fig]] demonstrates bringing pythons map feature to fig [[mkar.fig]] creates a graphic file for the icewm taskbar [[modtextlarge.fig]] should be in graphics section [[p3.fig]] palindrome detector [[rc.fig]] output all possible combinations of 3 letters with and without recursion [[recur.fig]] simple recursive loop

"why does pygame print text each time fig starts?"

if pygame is installed, fig will try to import it. newer versions of pygame print text when it loads. this is fine if youre not running a program that could use the console, but suppressing it in a way that doesnt cause other problems in fig is difficult. as an alternative, it is recommended you run [url]quietpygame.fig[url] (youll need administrative privileges to modify your pygame installation.) [fig] #### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain) #### proginf = "quiet the noisy pygame init 0.1, dec 2018 mn" progdesc = "comments the two print(' strings in pygames" osname "" python osname = figosname fig ifequal osname "nt" sep 92 chr filelist "dir c:" plus sep plus " /b /a /s" arrshell forin p filelist pl p lcase filepath sep plus "pygame" plus sep plus "" fw arr mid 1 0 plus "python2" plus "site-packages" plus filepath count 0 forin each fw now instr pl each sgn plus count count now next ifmore count 2 try contents arropen p src p open "w" forin each contents tr each left 7 ifequal tr "print('" now "#" plus each fprint p print else now each fprint p print fig next now p close except p = "" resume fig next else now "sed -i 's/^print(/\#print(/g' /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pygame/ 2> /dev/null" shell now "sed -i 's/^print(/\#print(/g' /lib/python2.7/site-packages/pygame/ 2> /dev/null" shell fig

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