all figplus versions (plus example programs)

figplus 0.5 is the latest version new features: isogroup, groupbyleft, groupsortlen [url][url] [url][url] [url][url] [url][url] [url][url] if you are unfamiliar with figplus, you might look at [url]../figconcepts/index.html[url] first to get started. example figplus programs: graphics [url]codrgbget.fgp[url] demo.fgp [img][img] [figplus] #### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain) #### try now winsize 500 500 wincap "first figplus demo" display while for horiz 10 100 1 r randint 0 255 g randint 0 32 b r now rgbset 5 r g b now line horiz 10 horiz 100 5 next now display sleep .08 wend except p resume [[getphrases.fgp]] | [[pstr.fgp]] | [[uploadsize.fgp]] example figplus programs: simple, introductory code example figplus programs: command line tools example figplus programs: text-based silliness example figplus programs: other

"why does pygame print text each time figplus starts?"

if pygame is installed, figplus will try to import it. newer versions of pygame print text when it loads. this is fine if youre not running a program that could use the console, but suppressing it in a way that doesnt cause other problems in figplus is difficult. as an alternative, it is recommended you run [url]quietpygame.fgp[url] (youll need administrative privileges to modify your pygame installation.) [figplus] #### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain) #### proginf = "quiet the noisy pygame init 0.1, dec 2018 mn" progdesc = "comments the two print(' strings in pygames" osname "" python osname = figosname fig ifequal osname "nt" sep 92 chr filelist "dir c:" plus sep plus " /b /a /s" arrshell forin p filelist pl p lcase filepath sep plus "pygame" plus sep plus "" fw arr mid 1 0 plus "python2" plus "site-packages" plus filepath count 0 forin each fw now instr pl each sgn plus count count now next ifmore count 2 try contents arropen p src p open "w" forin each contents tr each left 7 ifequal tr "print('" now "#" plus each fprint p print else now each fprint p print fig next now p close except p = "" resume fig next else now "sed -i 's/^print(/\#print(/g' /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pygame/ 2> /dev/null" shell now "sed -i 's/^print(/\#print(/g' /lib/python2.7/site-packages/pygame/ 2> /dev/null" shell fig

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