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[lit] freewiki.js is the simple javascript code that runs most of this website. it is based on (and makes very few changes to) this precursor: [[In-page-wiki]] differences include: it is a separate .js file, which allows the code to be cached (instead of adding 5.5kb to every tiny freewiki entry) and it can autogenerate the page title heading and a wikipedia link. freewiki.js is cc0 licensed, and you can download it by right-clicking on this link: [url][url] to add it to your website, put it in the same folder as your wiki entries, and include this code in each page: <span id = "wiki"> your content goes here. <[lit]/[lit]span> <script src="freewiki.js"> <[lit]/[lit]script> freewiki includes: shortcuts for free licenses; tags for //[//url//]//, //[//img//]//, //[//lit//]//, //[//wp//]//, //[//generate-title//]//; bold and italic markdown and quick //[////[//wiki-style//]////]// links to other pages in the wiki. it also formats newlines so you dont have to use tags. place html in //[//lit//]// tags to keep it from interfering.
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