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quasi programming language

[lit] [lit]quasi06.html[lit] quasi is a javascript-based language, which translates to javascript and runs in the browser. it presently has eight commands, plus # comments and you can create and copy variables: [lit]*[lit] cls - clears the display window [lit]*[lit] date - sets the main variable to the date and time [lit]*[lit] end - stops the program [lit]*[lit] get /variable/ - copies /variable/ to the main variable [lit]*[lit] left /variable/ - trims main variable to /variable/ items [lit]*[lit] print - prints the value of the main variable [lit]*[lit] prints - prints the value of the main variable and stays on the same line [lit]*[lit] title - sets the page title to the value of the main variable version 0.5 is not much of a language, and the editor is not implemented yet. however, you can change the input program from the import[lit]*[lit]export window. the demo code is: hello # cls there date left hello ok get there print title end hello print *old versions:* [lit]quasi05.html[lit] [lit]quasi04.html[lit] [lit]quasi03.html[lit] [lit]quasi02.html[lit] [lit]quasi01.html[lit]
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